Business is cool. Business is badass.

Here is a GIF just to really solidify my vision! Please share it! It is short and sweet!

Whoa! How can you mix informalities with business? Don’t get me wrong, business is driven by professionalism, and the vocational vernacular that you would expect to hear at any workplace setting.

However, businesses are increasingly shifting to less professional workplace settings. Take Google for example…sorry Alphabet… besides from pushing technological innovation, they continue to redefine a workplace that appropriately cultivates ideas, and functionality. In other words, you can play tennis, eat free food, and still finish that assignment.

Okay… rant over. I just wanted to properly assert my vision. I will say it again, business is cool, so let’s treat it as such.

This blog is a slightly unprofessional, highly unorthodox, and greatly beneficial resource for all interested in business.

When you think of a business professional what comes to mind?

Please don’t say Harvey from Suits. You did didn’t you…

The term business is a very, very ambiguous term, and is highly misunderstood. Everyone interacts in some form of business.

I am a student, an aspiring businessmen, and I want to highlight some of the major shapes business is faceted.

If you are a student, professional, or just interested in learning something new, I will be providing and collecting valuable lessons for you!

Have you seen the movies “The Big Short”, or “Wolf of Wall Street”? Hollywoods most recent commercializations of iconic moments in world banking. Both movies are about a select group getting obnoxiously wealthy off of the ignorance of the working class. There is a concerning amount of financial illiteracy, take a look at this table by StatCan. It relates Canadian demographics with scores on a given, standardized financial literacy test. The results are staggering. Especially with the demographic of 18-24 year olds, who only have a High School Diploma.

Business. Finance. Marketing. It can be boring. I get it. I want to show just how cool it can be!



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*This blog is not all original content but rather a curated collection pulled from reliable sources mixed with my insight and commentary.