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We are living in truly exciting times. The technological advancements are amazing.

Let’s look at it from a consumer point of view. The traditional smartphone is being pushed to even greater heights, check out the first cloud based smartphone named Robin. Cool right? How about the first fully customizable phone that google is secretly releasing named Project Ara?

We are living in a startup generation. Traditional forms of investments are being abandoned and we are seeing something groundbreaking. Financial firms are straying from stereotypical low return blue chip investments, and are betting big on the next big thing.

Deloitte has recently launched, with a rough conversion, a $50 million fund for their own employees to launch internal startups! That is insane.

We are currently in a few eras of innovation. The sharing economy being the most present, with the likes of Uber, Air BnB, and Lyft taking off.

Next we have FinTech, here is a link with major players in this field.

In the not so distant future is the IoT, an idea that virtually everything will be “connected.”  We are seeing early life with this concept, with the introduction of wearable technology. The biggest debut being the Apple Watch, and the Google Android Watch. Google continues to pioneer this with Google Nest. With Apple Smart Homes not to far behind.

Sorry… this isn’t a tech blog… I am getting carried away, I am easily excited about advancing tech. My bad. But here is an excellent tech blog. If you want to support a cool idea, there are many crowdfunding websites, the biggest being Kickstarter.

What is that saying? Live like others won’t, to live like others can’t.

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This may mean moving to the next Silicon Valley, crashing in an incubator, living a very healthy lifestyle of all nighters, and a diet consisting of caffeine.

There are some sweet perks if you make it, cool cribs to work at being a major one, look at all the cool offices below! You will also be your own boss, and there is no ceiling for financial return.

Did I mention you get to create your own kickass business cards? Business cards are significant. They are the lasting impression of your brand, company, and overall quality. An original, unique business card will help you stand out! Here are some awesome examples!

People often say it takes nine bad ideas to hit the jackpot.

When staring up, have people in your life that will call your baby ugly. People who make you comfortable will not let you grow. Diamonds are only made under intense pressure.

There is a new buzzword in town: Blitzscaling

Try starting small doing more of a passive income approach.



Here is the cool offices I was talking about. Tech Crunch Cribs is a series that highlights innovative offices. I have collected them for you to enjoy!




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