First things first I want to address the ironic elephant in the room. Yes I know my SEO, and search results are awful, and yet here I am trying to explain optimization strategy. In my defence my search position is all organic, I have yet to invest a dime into paid SEO..but I will.. it is all good…relax…

So you guys know that massive search engine, that innovative conglomerate that is inevitably taking over the world? It is now under an umbrella company called Alphabet, in order for some internal restructuring to occur.  None the less, you most likely interact with a Google product everyday.

The company has become so massive it is now a verb. Like “just Google it.” You know you are big when you become a common everyday action…”just YoungBizKid it”… does’t have the same ring to it eh…

Do you remember when they rebranded? I hope you can still recognize them…


Okay maybe this a slight over exaggeration… Anyway, the reason I bring up Google is that it has become the clear market leader in all things “internet” from search engines, email, google partnerships, youtube, android and more! Google continues to grow through M&A’s and internal expansion. So what does this mean to you?

If you wish to market your product online you need an understanding on how Google and online marketing coexist.

The first, Google Adwords! Google has many forum’s and support if you wish to launch your first Adwords campaign. This free resource let’s you manage your advertising campaign through Google’s online reach! However when I say free, I mean it is free to use. However just like Facebook’s model, you have to put in some money to get optimal results.

Oh by the way (I almost put “btw” …yikes) In Google Adwords the terminology is “choosing your bidding strategy.”

There are several Adword models ranging from Cost-Per-Click to Cost-Per Thousand Viewable impressions. Each model correlates with a specific goal, or target metric. All the different pricing can be found here!

If you get really good, you can even become certified. Click here! I recently completed the exam and am by no means regretful to be Google Adwords Certified.

There are two approaches to effective SEO:

  1. On-Page: Web Structure, Keyword Relevance, Site Map Creation, Meta/ Title Tag, Image/ Video Optimization, Mobile Friendliness.
  2. Off- Page: These are strategies like back-linking, and third party referencing. For an extensive list, go to Moz.. the leader in SEO software.

These are by no means exhausted lists. Unfortunately Google change their SEO algorithms frequently, to determine site ranking. Here is a list of all the Google Algorithm updates.

So do you need SEO? Read this article by Google Support to find out. But basically the article talks about how Google crawls and indexes. And yes. yes you definitely need SEO, at least some free (organic) ranking.

You can also optimize your on-page SEO by adjusting the site layout and CTA’s. You can do this by using websites like Zarget. Where you can change your site according to analytics that showcase heat maps, bounce rates, and conversion rates.

To manage social media try linking them all together through Hootsuite. It allows for easy scheduling, planning, and publishing of all social media channels from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and Youtube. Try the help site here to get started.