So right now if you look at Excel’s functionality in entirety it probably looks a little like this…


Hopefully after reading this it will look a little more like this…


Excel when used correctly can streamline, automate, and improve efficiency in most business operations. Having a strong proficiency in Excel will open many doors, and give you tools to do amazing things! Excel is built around powerful backend code, that can be manipulated using many languages. The most powerful being Visual Basic for Applications or VBA’s.

Another cool functionality of Excel is database creation where you can validate inputs, create macros for automation, and search individual datum.

Here are a few sites that provide excellent excel tutorials:

  1. Stack Overflow: Literally a repository for everything!
  2. Contextures: Excel tips, tutorials, sample files and videos.
  3. Excel-Easy:  Tutorials (Introduction, Basics, Functions, Data Analysis and VBA) on how to use Excel.

Another cool functionality of excel is the ability to run hundreds of simulations, and accurately estimate the probabilities of uncertain events. The most common is the Monte Carlo.

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